Eclectic Woman

The Eclectic Woman ANC is a not-for-profit 501C (3) educational organization formed in March 2007 to be the resource, catalyst and advocate for Middle East and North African (MENA) women.

Eclectic Woman's mission is to enhance women's image by increase their visibility, emphasizing their voices, and mainstreaming their issues.

The initial focus of Eclectic Woman's program is around women's economic empowerment through employment, self-employment and entrepreneurship.

The network is set out to:

  • Establish a broad and diverse membership;
  • Identify and map out individual and organizational expertise across the globe;
  • Launch a comprehensive e-Library;
  • Provide a periodic conference.

Eclectic Woman refrains from political and ideological issues.

Note: Eclectic Woman is supported by a generous grant from Google Foundation.